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Memory supported (according to Gigabyte QVL) but not supported after all?


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I was looking through the QVL-list for my Gigabyte motherboard (in order to select the correct RAM for my build).

The motherboard i selected is the "Gigabyte X570S Aorus Master".


The Memory i looked up (CMW32GX4M4C3600C18) is supported according to their QVL list,

so i went ahead and purchased that Memory Kit.


It belongs to the story that i was considering several other Motherboards (from MSI, Asus & Gigabyte),

and they all have this specific Memory Kit in their QLV list as-well.


They all seem to list V4.31 as the only supported version (no other versions are mentioned).

Due to this, i thought there would be no chance of receiving anything other than v4.31 (since it's the only one mentioned).

Sadly, the Memory i received is V3.32 (which is not the same version that MSI, Asus & Gigabyte have tested).


Does this mean i received a bad Memory Kit?

I take it my Memory Kit is "bad" since none of the Motherboard-manufacturers supports V3.32 (only the 4.31 version).


I was really looking forward to this, and i really thought i did my homework (by checking the QVL lists) before buying the Memory Kit.


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I'm gonna guess the V3.32 Modules that i received aren't gonna be made by "Samsung" either (the QVL-list says V4.31 is Samsung).

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