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LT100 wrongly detected and not working after upgrade to latest version 4.18.209


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I've just updated ICUE to the latest version and now my LT100's are not detected properly. The wizards says it found two towers but only displays one, labeled tower nr 2 (see screenshot). I am also not able to move the position of the tower to the other side of the monitor in the next step of the lighting setup. Unplugging the LT100 or rebooting briefly shows the hardware lighting. However as soon as ICUE loads the towers go dark. If I try to setup a new lighting scene only one responds.

I've tried repairing the ICUE install. During the process both towers light up but as soon as the system restarts it back to square one. Is there any way to fix this?




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Are you on 4.18?  This was a major issue on 4.17, but a simple upgrade to 4.18 does not seem to resolve it.  If this persists, you will need to clean install 4.18 and most other users run into hard app crashes or more serious issues.  Make sure you export your profiles first before wiping all files.  

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