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Flipping the LED Lights in the iCUE settings


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Hello! Sorry if this have been asked before, or if I have just missed the answers from the software itself. My issue is that I have 7 LL120 LED fans from corsair in my case. And because all fans aren't visible from the front, but through the glass side panel (bottom of the case as intake). This causes issues with the LED lights, because they spin the opposite direction. Basically I see the front fans normally, but the ones in the bottom of the case I see from the opposite side, because they are horizontally placed. I am just using the standard Rainbow Wave, but I have found no way to actually flip the LED so the lighting spins the same direction on all fans. Is this something that has to be done physically by detaching the LED lights and flipping them around, or can it be done within the software? All I've found when setting up the fans is to orient which LED the software lights up on the fan. 

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