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A7200 Power Management - Always On or Sleep/Hibernate?

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I just received my new Corsair a7200. It's my first new desktop in ~8 years, and certainly the first one with multiple fans, etc. I noticed that the Windows default mode is for the computer to go in Sleep mode after 30 minutes. I use my desktop off & on many times during the day. And so I have scheduled backups, etc overnight when I'm typically not using it. But since it is in Sleep mode, it gets "postponed" until I wake it up the following morning.

Do you recommend leaving the Power Settings as they are currently defaulted? Other than a slightly higher power bill, what are the down sides to leaving it on 24/7? With the fans running continuously, although certainly at a very low rate of speed, will it cause them to burn out faster? Any other considerations?

Thank you for any insight & suggestions!

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the biggest stress for electronics is powering on and off.

You can leave it on constantly with no worries.

If that's SP Elite fans on this case (should be on the 4000D) they are fluid dynamic bearings which are extremely durable since there's virtually no parts in contact.

Maybe what you could do is an ICUE preset to turn off all the RGB lighting when you are done for the day 😛

LEDs aren't as durable when they are ran hot (like white light presets). and that would save you a few watts too.

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