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NEW QL Fans not working on Lighting Node PRO


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HI all,


last year I bought a 3 Pack of LL120 with the "Lightning Node Pro" and an included 6 x RGB Hub which is directly connected to the Node Pro via 2 Pin cable.

This year I upgraded my system to 9 fans of QL Series and I have the following Problem. Just for the Records, as I don´t know if this is necessary: On the Second Channel of the Lightning Node Pro are 4 Corsair RGB Stripes.


When connecting  6 of those Fans to the above mentioned setup only 3 (on RGB Port 1-3) are working. Icue (tested with  V3 and V4) only detects 3 of 6 Fans.

I switched the Fans and again only the RGB of the Fans on Port 1-3 are working.


Now it´s getting interesting (at least for me 😄

3 of the QL Fans was a set with the "Lightning Node Core" with an internal USB Connection. When I connect 6 Fans here all are working and are detected by Icue Software.


So please help me a little bit. What is Wrong? Is my Lightning Node Pro or the included RGB Hub faulty? Are the QL Fans not compatible with the "Hardware" of the LL Fans?


What could be the easiest solution for me in this case?


Thanks for your help

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You are exceeding the total number of LEDs the Lighting Node Pro is capable of controlling by attempting to control 4 RGB strips and 6 QL RGB Fans. 


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Notepad beat me to it while i was typing ^^ but i'll add this anyway 🙂


The LNPro can control up to 204 LEDs.

When you deck one channel with QL fans, the second channel doesn't work. (34 leds per fan x6 = 204)

The QL fans saturate the LNpro on one channel.

The LNCore has the same limitation but by design you can't connect more LEDs than 6x QL


So your best bet would be to plug all the QLs on the LNcore, and keep the lighting channels of the LNpro for other fans or the strips, to avoid wasting a channel.

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Okay Thank you for that clearup Makes sense to me now with the amount of maximum LED´s.


What would be the best bet when I remove the LNPro with Hub to use it with the LL Fans again in my old build....


I quess I need to go with the Comannder Pro and another LNCOre which seems to be not buyable seperately (As I mentioned received it with the QL Fans).

Is that right?

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The Lighting Node Pro is the only one limited in this way.  It is the original control device.  The Commander Pro, Commander Core/XT, and Lighting Node Core are all capable without losing the second channel.  The Core devices only have the one channel.  


If you want fan control, the Commander Pro "XT" is probably the best option.  It has 6 RGB ports on one side and 6 PWM on the other.  An inexpensive PWM hub can be used to tie in the other 3 for speed control.  Another Lighting Node Core will work as well for RGB purposes, but I do find it irritating to have multiple devices of the same make.  They tend to shift position in the CUE device list and it's difficult to tell them apart.  

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