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LS100 Starter Kit problem, high pitched noise in bright colors

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The first 250mm strip of my LS100 gives off an audible high pitched buzzing noise. The other strips also give off the same noise but it's not as loud.

The sound is worst in bright white light and significantly lower pitch and less annoying in darker colors such as red.

As soon as I turn off the lights the sound goes away completely.

I wonder if anyone else has this issue?

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I got the exact the issue, I don't know what to do to reduce that noise

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hi @Sh4njiand @Darksidow.   don't expect any answer from the corsair stuff.

I don't think they have a lot to say about this item.

I Have the same Ls100 kit and it has many different issues we could talk about but what is sure is that  it's not noisy.

If I were you I would send it back and ask for a new one if you like the product.

Mine stopped working after a year and a half.  The led lights were off or blinking random colors but it was silent.

I sent it back to amazon and the new one is woking. I hope the issue is not going to happen again.

have a nice day


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Try connecting your power plug for the LS100 to a different wall outlet. Good chance you have it connected with all your other gear and are picking up feedback. 

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