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my headset has begun to emit a short "beep-boop" sound randomly every couple of minutes and i have no idea what is causing it. it is not the power on/off, low battery, or microphone mute/unmute sound. i have tried powering off and back on, changing the usb slot, and googling everything but it seems like no one has cracked the nameless beep code of corsair headsets i guess. honestly why aren't they in the manual or accessible somewhere?? anyways let me know if anyone knows what this sound means because it's driving me crazy

other things to get out of the way: i am sitting right at my laptop so it isn't anything to do with range, this has happened before to me but it is unknown what made it stop because it sort of just did it on its own or a power cycle fixed it, and my headset is i want to say around 4-5 years old now. not sure what else to add but i'll try to respond quickly bc i wanna get this fixed now that it's literally not stopping as far as i can tell using it right now and i wasn't exactly planning on getting a new one any time soon

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