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Fans connected to Commander core XT, Run at highest speed, Until I login, and IQUE starts.


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Hi Folks. Did a new build, and connect 5 RGB fans to a commander core XT unit that I had used in a previous system. 


What I notice, if I boot machine, and do not log into windows, and leave at lock screen, all fans are running at highest speed. The continues until I login, and IQUE 4 loads. Once IQue is loaded, all fans calm back down to "balance" curve.

Does anyone know what might be hosed that all of the fans are at high speed until IQUE loads? Really annoying if i'm working the Bios for 15 mins...


I'm running an ROG Crosshair VIII Hero. in the default setting.s


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What are you using as the control variable for your fan curves?  Things like cpu temp, gpu temp, or any hardware temp from another component must be retrieved from that device via the motherboard and software. The controller can’t read your gpu temp on its own. 

The native sensor for the Commander XT is the temperature probe on the side of the unit. If you run a 10k thermistor wire from there to an appropriate spot in the case, that value can be the control variable for the fans. Rear exhaust is a good place and indicative of general case ambient temp. You will have to see where your normal range runs and then match it to acceptable fan speeds.

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