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Do I need a Commander Pro in a 4000X with a H150i Elite Capellix?

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Hi all,

Looking to build a new PC utilising a 4000X (it's a gift so I don't have access to it yet) and adding a H150i Elite Capellix (yet to buy) - I'll then reutilise the 3 supplied ML120 fans so I have 3x inlet fans on the 360mm rad and the other 3 fans exhausting out the rear/top. Looking to use Corsair RAM for ease of controlling the RGB as well and some form of ASUS motherboard (for the iCUE compatibility as much as anything else). The rest of the system is pretty standard - Ryzen 5600X and reusing my old graphics card temporarily.

I know the case has an RGB distribution node (iCUE lighting node?) but am wondering whether a new (unsure of exact model yet) ASUS ROG STRIX AM4 mptherboard would have everything I'd need to run the 6 fans (RGB and PWM) and the CPU block?

I "think" I don't need anything else, but am I right? First build in about 10 years so a little unsure.

Thanks in advance.

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The Elite series AIO models all come with a Commander Core PWM/RGB controller.  It has 6 PWM ports on one side and 6 Corsair RGB ports on the other.  That is all you will need.  Do not buy the Commander Pro for this and the Commander Core is required to make the Elite AIO function (power is routed to pump through it).  

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