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Corsair should learn some lessons from this.


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shrouds are used mostly where it makes sense, in servers and office computers by the likes of Dell or Lenovo, on prebuilds where you have small fans cooling the entire thing.

If you open computers with crap cooling like an office lenovo or an alienware, you'll often find shrouds and air guides.

For DIY, it's almost undoable because there's no saying what parts the customer will use.

The closest you'd get from this is custom watercooling, where you basically negate the need for shrouds by moving the heat to the case's vents through water, and not airflow.

But seeing SFF level of optimization in ful sized cases would be great. Just to get rid of the very traditionnal and overdone vertical thing with PSU shroud would be a nice change! there's a reason why the O11 became such a hit. we're tired of 20 years old layouts 😛

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The current solutions are BS.
The way CPUs and especially GPUs blow hot air INTO the computer and mess with airflow should be the first thing to fix if you want to improve cooling.

Nothing will work perfectly, nothing will be compatible with everything, but that's just the case for everything in life.
I see the glass as half full and I think Corsair could get a step up on the competition if they made it part of their cases, AIOs or other cooling solutions, especially since they already got a strong footing in the premium space, so even though there probably isn't much to patent, other companies won't have as easy a time to copy that idea as if they did if Corsair was just a mediocre or low budget company.

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