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Corsair Dark Core RGB Firmware Mouse, v3.36 update feature+bug


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Hello folks, I'm a bit new on the forums, couldn't find anything about the latest update of Corsair Dark Core RGB Firmware Mouse, v3.36, and hope an issue involving the firmware update of Corsair's Dark Core RBG can be resolved as others may have the same issue. Recently it has come to my experience that the latest firmware update for Dark Core RGB has added a new feature which includes a 5 second hold down of the sniper button to toggle to leave it on until it is pressed again or DPI is changed with the DPI buttons on the mouse. The additional function was not mentioned anywhere as far as I know, and I didn't notice its addition until I found it during regular use. I am not sure though some may find it a useful addition I will admit it does have its drawbacks compared to the older version. The toggle function can be an issue at times when it is not ideal for use during certain activities such as browsing on webpages on higher resolution screens, or its intended short term use while gaming since normally you'd only use it as long as you need it, on demand and no longer than you would use it. Another issue is - it toggles on seemingly randomly at times and is somewhat inconvenient as its design should be how the previous design functions; which is to say the sniper button can be used on demand for as long as you need until you let go and not any longer as it becomes inconvenient to input an extra action if you aren't counting 5 seconds to toggle it on, or it bugs and turns on randomly.

With that said I'd like to know if there is a way to disable the sniper button toggle function that came with the latest Corsair Dark Core RGB Firmware Mouse, v3.36.

If there isn't a way to disable it, I'd like to know if there is a way to revert the firmware to possibly undo the additional feature.

Any additional info required requested to solve the issue, or questions, and comments are welcome. Thanks!

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