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Coolers LEDs (LL120 and SP120) not working properly

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I've bought 4 LL 120 two year ago (w/ 1 command and 1 lightning node) but they only worked perfectly for a month or so.
After that started to have a few sinc issues, like 'dead colors' in some parts or losing rgb sequence (usually I use the "rainbow wave", and i could easily notice  that). During these years, I tried a few things to solve:

1 - changed the cable sequence on the lightning node

2 - changed the lightning node for a new one

3 - changed the power connection (I had to change my power supply)

3 - updated the iCue and the firmwares

4 - formating my PC (It wasnt because of that, but anyway...)

After that I started to use only 2 of the 4 coolers, and they were working just fine (showing all the colors normally). The other 2 were unplugged from ligthing node. Them I thought "Okay, so the problem is with these coolers" and bought 2 new coolers (SP 120) to use with the older ones.

But after that none of them are showing colors lol. The good thing is that they are working just fine as coolers, the problems are only with the lightning part. Everything else seems to be okay.

Any suggestions of what should I do? iCue shows all of them, and they seem to be working just fine on the software, but now I only have one cooler showing a fixed white light lol.
I've tried to disconnect both LL and left only the SP on the lightning node, but it doesnt change anything.

Besides that, I also have a lightning strip that works perfectly on the commander.




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