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is iCUE Gaming Audio Configuration Service changing mic levels?


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Updated to iCUE 4 about a month ago, ever since, my mic levels in system kept changing automatically.. 

Checked my list of apps that have mic permissions in Windows settings, all of them have any of the "auto level" / "auto gain" disabled.  I also have "allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" disabled.  All of the games I play, if they have an auto level, it is disabled.  I don't have anything like Skype/WebEx/Zoom installed which are notorious for this even when not in use.  

I typically set my mic level to 65, and use the knobs on my audio interface to control the level if needed, but I never have to.. until I updated.  Ever since then, about a month now, my friends will tell me my voice is clipping/too loud.. I go check my mic level and it's at 95-100... I set it back down to 65 and it's good for the rest of the session.. never changes.. then the maybe a day or two later, it happens again.  

Looking over Task Manager, and MSCONFIG, I saw something called Corsair Gaming Audio Configuration Service running on my system.. I do have Corsair fans, Corsair keyboard, and lighting node pro, but I do not have any Corsair audio devices.. could this be the culprit though?  
I disabled it in MSCONFIG and it no longer runs on system startup.  My mic levels also have not changed since disabling it... so I want to say this is the problem.. but why is it doing this and why does it have so much control especially if I have no Corsair audio devices?

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