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Corsair Virtuoso SE wierd Robotic audio glitch and audio shut down

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So the title says it all, it's been about 3/4 days since this glitch started happening.

Here is my first investigation from what i can recall doing before it started glitching.

I was trying to stream a game for a friend via discord and was prompted with a popup that asks for admin permission so discord can stream my desktop audio. Immediatly after granting acces the audio glitch started. (I honestly don't know if this is linked to my issue but it was worth mentioning)

I noticed that the glitch was not happening if i wasn't chatting on discord or teamspeak (using the headphones mic). I decided to unplug the mic from the headset and use a spare mic that is directly connected to my computer via USB, and the glitch stopped....

It's woth mentioning that i did try to use the headset on other computers around the house and it worked perfectly without any issues, this glitch is only happening on this specific computer. 

So the issue seems realted to the mic jamming up the incoming audio from the computer i guess... maybe the way audio is encoded on this specific computer...

Note that before narrowing down to this conclusion i have been roaming and trying countless of "fix" who did not fix anything for me. (BIOS upgrade/downgrade, drivers, uninstalling discord changing audio quality...)


Here are my specs.


CPU AMD Ryzen9 5950X

MB Gigabyte x570 AORUS master


If anyone has any idea 🙂


In this video you can hear the exact audio glitch (video not from me)


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