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RAM Running at almost 55c under load

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So I'm running a primarily corsair build -  Corsair 1000D ;

8x120mm QL front mounted fans Intake 1x360mm Radiator attached on the left side, 3x140mm QL Top Mounted Exhaust 1x140mm 1x120mm rear mounted Exhaust.

MSI Z490 Meg Ace MB

Corsair vengeance RGB PRO 32GB(2x16GB)

1x250gb Samsung 970 Pro M.2

1x1TB Samsung 970 Evo M.2

I9-10900k 5Ghz

MSI RTX 3080 Gaming x Trio

Corsair Hydro X Custom Cooling Loop (CPU Only)

I recently had a system crash first I'd experienced with this build after restarting I checked a few things to try to find the problem and discovered XMP had been disabled after re-enabling I decided to monitor ram temps via iCue and discovered my ram was idling at about 30c (so pretty normal) but whilst underload was exceeding 50c levelling out around 54.5c/53.5c (respective of chip Dimm1/Dimm2). Checked GPU temps to make sure it wasn't running too hot at it was running around normal for the level of load a stable 63-65c CPU 48-52c Socket 49-53c So all normal there. I cannot seem to isolate the cause of the issue and XMP doesn't seem to make a difference so it's not an unstable OC, I checked the DRAM Voltage and confirmed it to be sitting at 1.35v as it should be. Case temps are pretty close to normal ambient levels and after disabling all but one exhaust fan to check the heat coming out incase of a faulty sensor it was cold air blowing on my hand so nothing to indicate ambient case temp being higher than it should be. I did a google search and found a number of similar temp results with this RAM but anything over 50c on Samsung B-Die can cause instability so why is corsair still selling these if the heat spreader is ineffective or is there some way to fix this I haven't considered short of installing a RAM cooler.


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the RGB can have a pretty dramatic effect on temperatures too.

And remember your GPU is blowing hot air up on the ram with the back fan. I wonder if you could do a kind of temporary cardboard shield to deviate that air from hitting the ram just to test if it gets as hot without that warm air exiting the GPU fins.

If that's the cause > GPU waterblock ^^'

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I would say that is a relatively common load temp for Vengeance Pro. Aside from the factors mentioned above, you also need to consider the distance between your fans and RAM in that very large case and you won’t get the same active cooling as a mid tower with fans one inch above.

I also would not be too quick to link the crash to RAM temperature. While possible, it is more likely to have been caused by normal issues. You don’t see a lot of posts like “my RAM runs fine in Winter but crashes all Summer”. Not sure which 2x16 kit you have, but it does not appear like you are pushing very hard. Genuine instability will be persistent. 

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