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Corsair 5000D Fan Set up


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Hey Everyone, I recently bought a 5000D airflow case.  I have 6 intake fans and 4 exhaust fans (3 top 1 rear).  My question is does having the top exhaust fan right next to the intake fans hurt the airflow.  My thinking was the top two intake fans would bring air in and right out the top frontmost exhaust fan.  I'm not sure if anyone has tested this or not but if anyone could let me know it would be really appreciated.  ThanksUntitled.thumb.png.3082fd2bc167c8c4262b1e51faf4386f.png

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Fluid dynamics is a complicated science for a reason.
You would need to find a way to make the air visible, like with smoke, but I don't actually recommend doing that.

Generally, with 6 intakes and 4 exhausts there is probably enough air coming in to overtake the first 1 or 2 top exhausts, but you will really need to test it, like by getting different parts of the system to moderate temps, then turning off/up individual fans/fan sections/combinations and checking temperature changes.


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