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Confused on what to use regarding iCUE controlled RGB fans (lots of them)


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Planning on using 6 QL120 PWM RGB in a Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic as Casefans (bottom, side) and with the 3 pack there comes the lightning node core. It has 6 possibilities to plug in fans. Now i read something about RGB channels, no idea what that is regarding the propieatary Corsair RGB system.

So do i only purchase 

1x 3 pack Ql120 with Lightning Node CORE: iCUE QL120 RGB 120-mm-PWM-Lüfter 3er-Pack mit Lighting Node CORE (corsair.com)

plus 3x single QL120 w/o anything but the fan: iCUE QL120 RGB 120-mm-PWM-Einzellüfter (corsair.com)

The CPU cooler is a liquid freezer II ARGB with 3 ARGB PST fans that do not require a Controller, so that is a non issue.

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In addition:

I purchase the above 3-pack, 3 singular fans and connect ALL of them to the Lightning Node Core and then i connect the lightning node core to the Mainboard? 

I want to control fan speed, rgb lightning of 6 QL Fans via iCue. What exactly do i need for that? I do not really get the FAQ, there are so many devices with similar names for different things. 

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Whether you buy QL120 singles or the triple pack will depend on price.  It's not often buying singles is a better deal.  You will need a RGB controller either way.  The triple pack comes with a lighting node core that will handle RGB for 6.  However, since you also want fan speed control, there is another option.


Commander Core XT - This is a combination fan speed and RGB controller with ports for 6 on each side.  I prefer the Commander Pro for more complex setups, but since you only need the 6 PWM/RGB ports and its the same price as a Commander Pro, this makes the most sense.  You will not need the RGB controllers from the QL packs, so buy based on unit price.  

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