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How to get Commander Core and Lighting Core working together

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I built a new PC with 6 case fans and a Cappelix i100 AIO cooler. I plugged the 6 case fans into the commander core that came with the AIO CPU cooler, and the two fans on the Cappelix to the lighting core that came with the case fans. I want to get the fans lighting in sequence, but I can't figure out how to get the fans in the lighting core to fall into the sequence with the commander core fans.


The way the case is set up is their are 3 fans on top, the two CPU cooler fans on the side, and 3 more fans on the bottom. The top and bottom fans all work in sequence, but I want that sequence to pass through the side fans, instead of treating the side fans as their own closed sequence.

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They do not sequence beyond their own lighting channel or controller.  That puts the maximum at 6.  There are two sequential "lighting link effects" (visor and color wave) that are sequential across the system.  However, it can be just as tedious to get it sequence the way you want between devices and there is a predefined order.


It is possible to program a custom wave to start on one controller and appear to continue on the next.  You need to program a wave on controller 1 at X speed and with a specified tail length.  It will take an specific length of time to finish that effect based on the number of LED/fans on controller 1.  So if you have 6 SP-Elite (8 LED fan) and program a wave to move at 8 LEDs/sec and with a tail of 8 LEDs, it will finish in 6 seconds.  On controller 2 you copy the wave from controller 1 only delay the start by 8 seconds or the time required to complete wave 1.  The lighting time for both waves needs to be greater than the time it takes the wave to complete the entire fan sequence + tail effects.  In the example above it would be 6 sec + 2 sec.  

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