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Keep in mind, I kinda get PCs but some things elude me. Corsair K55 keyboard Gkeys.

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So I have this keyboard that I got with a custom prebuild. whenever I press any of these keys Microsoft office opens. ALOT! Around 20 times is the biggest key being Mr. G1 key. Which is precisely the key my ferrets love to press when they weasel themselves up here. How do I reprogram these. Before you start with the whole MR key on the top right. I've tried that. it doesn't work.

Please Help!


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Have you updated your iCUE and keyboard to the latest firmware version yet?  You can do this by going into settings by clicking the cog wheel in the upper right corner of iCUE.  From there you'll have options to update both iCUE and the K55 RGB firmware.

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