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iCUE 4.18.209 Key assignment issues


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Hello, I'm using a K95 RGB Platinum keyboard with iCUE 4.18.209 and recently my macro keys that specifically have macro actions assigned to them stopped working altogether. I should note that configuring macro keys to launch software works as intended, it's just that the following features do not trigger the expected action or work at all: Keystroke, Mouse, Keyboard, Text (only displays the first character entered in the text field), Media and Macro. Also, there were no software changes barring a Windows monthly roll-up update that was uninstalled to test iCUE behavior, then reinstalled once again.

A few things that I've tried were repairing the iCUE install, uninstalling and deleting remaining leftover folders alongside lingering registry entries, importing saved working profiles, creating brand new profiles, but nothing fixed the issue.

As a side note, I also had an additional issue where iCUE no longer recognized my CPU and GPU under the sensor options, but the full uninstall, leftover cleaning and reinstall fixed that.

Should I expect an upcoming update to sort this out or could there be any alternative workaround?

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