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Corsair One missing on icue

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Started my Corsair one i165 a couple days ago and found the front light pipes are light blue. but the rest of my peripherals (corsair keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headphones) are the instant light I have selected on icue. while in icue I noted my Corsair One is missing from the list of peripherals. checked for updates, using 3.38 with no updates available. any suggestions about this one?


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Hi.  Did you manage to sort this.  I have the a200 and it is has disapppered from icue.  I updated from version 3 to the latest version 4 and it reappeared.  I could change the lights and the options were there for fan speed although this didnt seem to do anything.  However, after a restart it has dissappeared again.  If I do  the fuull removal and reinstall of version 4 it reappears until the computer is switch off or restarts.

Any ideas on how this can be fixed?  Keyboard, mouse, mouse mat headset are all showing and working perfectly.

Many thanks.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Everyone again,

We're currently aware of a detection issue with some Corsair One systems and iCUE - that we are currently working on a resolution for.

In the meantime, you can try rolling back to this version of iCUE if you are experiencing detection issues (specifically with Corsair ONE systems)

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. I did a full uninstall and then reinstalled the 4.17.244 version from the link.  The computer is still not showing and the the sensor info have all disappeared as well.  Keyboard, mouse etc still showing.  

The wider picture as to why i'm trying to get this sorted is I want some control over the fan speeds as the computer is running very hot. I note others have had the same issue and I dont know if it's related to icue but having no control over the fan speeds is not a help.  It was bought in August last year and has been fine up until the very beginning of this year when it kept restarting, presumably an emergency shut down.  Processor temp seem to idle around 85 degrees and goes over 90 when under load. All very frustrating as it has been fine up now.  


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