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Corsair XG7 RGB 2080 Ti Water Block Leaking


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I installed this in 2019. Just did a cleaning and added new liquid coolant. There is a small dripping from one of the ports. I t has a cap screwed into it. I removed the gpu, took off the backplate and pcb. Tightened down everything. It still has a drip. Anything I can do or just return it for warranty?

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it is weird that it would leak from one of the caps. Usually those blocks leaked in rare case from the seal between the manifold and the waterblock.

Can you see where the droplets of water forms?

if it's really on one of the caps, maybe a seal is busted, but all watercooling gear across brands is G1/4 size, so you could get a few new caps on amazon for cheap, and try replacing them.


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