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[Suggestion] Cloud Profile Backup

Danilo Sky

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Hello Yall,

Do you guys also have the feeling that corsair could cloud-backup all the game profiles/software config?

I always get tired of backup my profiles and app configurations.

Something that automatically detects all your previous configurations for your devices.


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This is a really good point.   I know I have had to wipe and reinstall iCUE about 6 times over the last month dealing with a AIO lighting issue, and it would have been nice.  We already have accounts, so just sign into iCue (optionally) with the account used here and link them up.  Or make a really easy Total export/backup and import/restore feature where you can save it locally as a temp solution if server space/power/etc is a current issue.  This software has gotten too big to just put it in a list of handy apps.  It's basically a requirement now for many many PC's world wide.

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