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I have 9 fans, but I want to control all by ICUE.


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Hi, I have:

H150i Elite Capellix 

6 x SP RGB ELITE 120mm fans 

with that, I want to control all of my fans via ICUE. but, the commander core and led hub can only power 6 fans but RGB for all.

What is the best way to get the 3 fans to be powered via ICUE?

(i absolutely do not want to use my motherboard to power the fans, they get too loud)

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You are going to need a second fan controller or a PWM repeater + RGB controller to include 3 more RGB fans.  

1) Commander Core XT - just like the Commander Core you have with 6 more PWM and RGB on each side.  This controller is PWM only.

2) Add a relatively inexpensive PWM hub to one of the Commander Core PWM headers.  This will act like a powered splitter and all fans on the hub run the speed assigned in CUE to that specific fan port.  When you get your 3 new fans, make sure to get the triple pack to get a Lighting Node Core or you may already have one from the previous SP-Elites.

3) Commander Core + RGB Hub - This is the older controller and RGB method with a separate module for RGB power.  I suspect you don't have any RGB hubs from old Corsair RGB fans, but this might make more sense if you are thinking of adding RGB strips or multiple 3rd party RGB devices.  However, since the Commander Core XT has a RGB port as well, it is most likely choice 1 is better for you.  

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