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iCUE 4.18.209 Dropped All Commander Pro Tracking

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I have a Commander Pro with the latest firmware and iCUE 4.18.209 and I noticed that all of the widgets and sensors are no longer being tracked by iCUE. This does worry me because I have an all water cooled system and the fans are no longer running. As a workaround I pulled out the pump and fans from the commander pro so they run at full speed. This only just happened with the latest update. Definitely something not right with the release.

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As in they all read 0C or 0 RPM?  Or the sensor UI elements have vanished?


Vanishing is almost always a software conflict with something else reading the C-Pro at the same time.  AIDA and HWiNFO are common actors.  

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Tengo el mismo problema, ayer mi CPU a 70º y mi GPU a los 80º, no entendia lo que ocurria hasta que vi que las RPM de mis ventiladores estaban al minimo.

Tuve que subir las RPM manualmente al 50% para no aumentar temperaturas.


Espero que se solucione rapido o nos den una solucion.

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