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[BUG REPORT] ICUE v4.18.209 continuous increase RAM consume.

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i've been updated the ICUE app on my mac to version 4.18.209, so then, when i use my headset VIRTUOSO, the consume of ram memory increase continuously, an process named by "Core Audio Driver (CorsairAudio.driver)" appears and the ram memory consume increase continuously. It came use 25GB of swap memory from my mac, this is insane. It seems like de Buffer or something like doesn't being cleared.

i've been attached a print from the process, in the print it is just with 1.20GB of consume, but continuously increase.

Macos version: Macos Monterey v.12.1

Macbook pro chip M1

Corsair ICUE: v.4.18.209

Headset VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS: v0.17.149

Virtuoso Wireless receiver: v0.16.80


Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 16.42.56.png

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