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Using stepped or pure sinewave UPS with aCORSAIR 650W TXm?

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It's not unusual to have power cuts where I live an am considering getting a UPS but the more I read the less I'm sure what the right thing is so I'm hoping for some advice here.

I have the CORSAIR 650W TXm SERIES SEMI-MODULAR 80 PLUS GOLD power unit in a PC and I'm trying to find out how important having 'pure sinewave' vs stepped/'simulated' sinewave UPS is on this unit.

As I under stand it, the above PSU is apparently Active PFC (please correct me if that's wrong!) and I've read mixed comments on this - some say that means it needs to be pure sinewave and simulated could cause damage, but some say that's no longer important on modern systems and a stepped/simulated UPS is perfectly fine.

The manual says nothing about it being Active PFC, but it does say it has short-circuit protection which "... it also ensures that no damage should occur to the unit, or your PC's components in the event of a short." Does this mean I'm unlikely to even need a UPS in the event of a power cut anyway?

It says on a page on the CyberPower website (who make UPS units):

"You will need a UPS with sine wave technology if you want to plug-in computers and Equipment that are Energy Star® or 80 PLUS® efficient systems using Active PFC power supplies."

As the COSAIR 650w txm PSU I have has "80 PLUS® GOLD" in its name, does that mean that I do indeed 'need' a pure sinewave UPS?

Note that thee reason I want a UPS is because I have occasional power cuts where I live. Power usually comes back on a few seconds later, but if it doesn't I'm not aiming to run my system for any length of time without mains power - I just want time to shut down the computer.

Thank you.

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