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iCue Unable to create macros using G-Keys - K100

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iCue Firmware version 4.18.209
K100 Firmware version 0.32.262

I have a simple goal: Map the F6 key to the G6 Key. I open iCue and select 'Key Assignments'. I create a new assignment and select 'Keyboard', selecting the F6 key. I then map it onto the G6 key. Pictured. Entering my favourite game, I go to push the G6 key which should be acting as if the F6 key was pressed: No response. Ive tried numerous set ups, such as 'Keystroke' and 'Macro' to accomplish this task but none has worked.

Closing the iCue software and using the k100 wheel to set up a hardware macro allowed me to register F6 to G6. This leads me to the conclusion that for some reason iCue is not allowing for binding keys to the G-keys. The wheel gimmick is nice as a temporary work around, but for a 300 dollar premium board is this the experience I should be taking away? Am I missing something here?

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Download a previous version of ICUE...

I've had the following issues with this version:

- It completely removed my sound drivers while installing ... had to reinstall drivers completely and I'm not alone in this.

- This morning my G-keys stopped working, restarting Corsair Service didn't work. Had to completely restart my computer


Unfortunately this piece of software is littered with bugs and performance issues and considering their lack of response on their support forum, will make me reconsider my next peripheral purchases.

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4 hours ago, Stagnetti said:

for some reason iCue is not allowing for binding keys to the G-keys.

Try running a quick “repair install” from the Windows/apps list. Select Corsair iCUE and choose modify.  This often cleans up these weird binding issues. There is no reason your original remap should not work and I use those same F->G key remaps. 

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