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4.18.209 Crashes on macOS 12.1 M1 Max

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I have a brand new 16" M1 Max Macbook running Monterey 12.1 and iCUE 4.18.209. This software becomes non-responsive (spinning wait cursor when hovering over icue in menu) multiple times per day requiring a force quit. As soon as it becomes non-responsive, my button maps no longer work. Highly irritating. Any suggestions? If this continues, I'm going to have to ditch this Nightsword RGB mouse.

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I have the same problem: M1 Macbook Pro, latest macOS updates, latest iCUE version.

iCUE crashes almost every time I wake the laptop up. I have to force-quit the app and restart it to get it working again.

My setup is very basic: Corsair Scimitar mouse, default profile, only adjusted sensitivity and a couple button combos. Still crashes many times per day.

Any ETA on a fix to make iCUE work properly on M1 MacBooks? It looks like several of us are having the exact same problem.

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Got the

On 12/26/2021 at 11:07 PM, byMaxGames said:

same problem,and also the core audio driver goes up to 25gb of ram when i have opened icue

Got the same issues. Icue crashed almost every day.


"M1 Macbook Pro, latest macOS updates, latest iCUE version. "

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iCUE crashes for me whenever I change the default output device from MacBook Pro Speakers to my RME Fireface UCX II. If the default devices is already changed, iCUE won't launch at all. I don't know why iCUE is messing with audio to have such a dependency.

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  • Corsair Employee

Hi everyone,

please check if this issue is present for iCue 4.28 as well. Unfortunately this version of iCue is not yet available via iCue update but you can download it via https://www.corsair.com/us/en/icue-mac.


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I realize this is of little help..

I have inadvertently fixed this issue for myself.

I was seeing a ton of crashing, before 4.28 the App and Keyboard would crash and RGB would freeze in place. Since the update, the keyboard RGB freezes in place however the App remains functional, restarting the App gets the RGB back working. So the behavior changed but was not solved.

I do not use a screen saver, I do not use any low power modes, I do not use auto logout or screensaver. I also 1 by one removed hardware lighting, macros, etc to prove they were not the cause.

I was doing a completely unrelated task, and during the install I was informed the App lacked permission for something, so naturally I allowed it and noticed in the list also was iCUE and it was not selected. So I allowed it as well, since I have had no crashes. This brings me back to the very first line... I realize this is of little help and I am sorry I did not pay more attention. I have looked and searched but cannot find the same permission, but it was very very similar to Settings --> Security & Privacy --> Accessibility, I would also check Automation under the same area. I would also allow apps downloaded from "app store and identified developers" I feel like that may have been it as well since but I forget.

Perhaps this will help someone else.

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