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Virtuoso with 2 sources/PCs, but mic only going to 1

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I am hoping someone can help me make the following happen if it's possible. I've already managed to connect to my Mac using the usb dongle, and simultaneously connect to my PC via the wireless dongle. I can get sound from both. But..

The issue is that my mic on the Virtuoso doesn't input to the Mac. This is the crux of my existence, and something I had really hoped would work. Even with the Virtuoso selected as my input/output on the Mac I get nothing from the mic to the Mac. The PC gets the mic.

No, I cannot swap to Bluetooth on the Mac. My employer would never allow it. In fact I can only get away with wireless by having the dongle. Otherwise I'm chained to the desk. If I you could recommend a different configuration that does include wired, thats fine, but it's got to be to the PC.

Could anyone advise me here? 🙂 Thank you in advance!

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Well, good news! If I go USB-c into the Mac and have the dongle in the PC while having the headset switched to wireless it works as I want! Sound from both computers, and mic to the Mac.

I would still like more information on how to use this functionality than is provided in the manual if possible, please! 😃

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This is not an intended use case for the headset and it is only intended to have a single input and output source, not multiple.

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