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i5 12600k with H150i thermal paste.


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I'm in the process of upgrading to a i5 12600k and the H150i.  Now with the new processors having more surface area then older generations can I still use the pre applied paste that is already on the cooler or  should I wipe it off and apply paste to the processor?  Reason I am asking is from what I can tell the pre applied paste on the cooler doesn't look like it will cover the larger surface area of the new CPU.

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You'll easily beable totell if it's sufficient. look on HWinfo and check the core temperatures are roughly equal when you load the CPU, with cinebench for example.

If you see big differences, then you'll just need to dismount the block, wipe and reapply on the whole IHS. It doesn't hurt to try with the default application.

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