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Icue 4 does not detect Ram dominator, no lighting up on RAM.


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I had an issue with Ram dominator lighting. After installaing latest bios version (F5) on gigabyte z590 elite. There was no lighting on ram and icue 4 software could not detect ram on software. In addition, bus rams changed to 2133 instead of 3200. Then, i did change xmp profile 1 to get 3200 bus on Rams. 

After reseting pc, i had an other issue, blue screen which leds to the bad result. Monitor did not display eventhough has power on monitor. Futhermore, the light on Numlock keyboard did not have lighting and pc was still running with fans, bump and their lighting.

I though problems are from updating Bios. Any comments or suggestion to fix. Otherwise, i have to call IT support. 😞 Thank you for helping me.

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