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Should I buy the Crystal Series 280X?


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I'm using a Carbide Series 400C that was launched back in 2016 and it's good, but I'm really interested in the 280X.

Dual chamber cases like the 680X look really nice, but a cube-like version of it is the thing I never knew I needed until I learned the 280X exists. I don't know how I'm only hearing about this case now. Probably because I haven't been shopping for a new case since 2016.

Cable management seems really easy with that dual chamber layout and mounting my H115i Elite Capellix on top would be a piece of cake. But I have a few concerns that I'll list right below and I would really appreciate some help before I actually decide to buy the case.

  1. Is it really that easy to break tempered glass? I see a lot of people posting pictures of shattered tempered glass side panels, but should this even be a concern if I don't act like an ogre or let it touch its archenemy tile floor?
  2. Most complaints I hear about how the design might affect thermals is the short feet and tempered glass at the top. If I remove the top glass and use some taller feet, would this give me good thermals for the i5-11600K or even an i7 in the future? Keep in mind that I like to keep my CPU boosted all the time but I'm not interested in overclocking it.
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I absolutely love my Crystal 280x RGB case. Would have preferred it in black, but Amazon was only selling in white. My cat has sat on the tempered glass on top and no breakage, so no worries. Bought the Corsair LED accessory strips and now it's totally awesome.  Installed an extra fan on top to exhaust, have it spinning around 400RPM, so it's all real quiet. Buy the case and be happy 🙂 As we all know, Corsair makes great products!

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