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[BUG] ICUE Remapping doesnt work correctly (interrupts holding down a key)

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my problem is when i remap my spacebar to use left mouse button and hold it down and then press simultaneously the forward, back(side buttons on mouse) or the left mouse button on the actual mouse it interrupts the virtual(remapped) left click from my spacebar!

To make it more visual in your head. I play path of exile and you move alot in it and press alot of other buttons. So in arpgs its pretty common to move with the left(or right) mouse button and i find it not healthy and comfortable for my hands/wrists and i got used to move with spacebar.(before someone comes and says but you can assign movement to any key! yes you can but you cant do that with the instant trigger of spells on left click  ;P) so when i remap it i can run fine with spacebar and i can hold and press any keyboard keys and right mouse button middle mouse button mousewheel all is fine but as soon as i press the side buttons forward or back or the original left mouse button he stops moving.

me like ok maybe it a normal thing but lets try that out with autohotkey. so i deleted the icue remapping and did it on autohotkey and suprise its works i can press space and he walks and i can press any button on my mouse and he still keeps wakling even when i press the left mouse button.

so i assume that however icue injects the remapping something is broken for the side buttons and left mouse button when holding virtual mouse button

ofcourse you can test way more different variants of that(and maybe it isnt exclusive to these mouse buttons) but i dont have more time for that.

some additional information:

Keyboard: K95 RBG Platinum (fw v.3.29.32)

Mouse: Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series (fw v.1.14.28)

ICUE Software: v.4.18.209

for the test AutoHotkey v

If you need more information and/or have other questions let me know

would be nice to have a fix for it ❤️

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