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Virrtuoso XT Low quality on multiple PCs

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Got a new Virtuoso XT connecting it to two different windows 11 PC's.  Latest drivers, latest icue, even did a firmware revert that Corsair customer service sent me to try out.  About 1 out of every 10 reboots, the Virtuoso XT will connect at a high audio quality, every other time its 2 channel 24 bit and cuts out every few seconds.  


Still in the return period, Corsair said, you may get a refurb instead of a brand new unit, advanced return basically makes you buy the item a second time, and then they do a refund.  Not customer friendly.  Moral of the story, buy from a store or amazon, not Corsair directly.  Both of my PC's have every component possible to be corsair, this type of customer service is making me re-think and switching to a different peripheral brand.  

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I had a similar issue. Read the specs carefully. Saw that the Virtuoso has 50mm drivers just like the HS60, so decided to buy it.

But no high-fidelity audio of any kind. No bass. Nothing.

Tried every troubleshooting step imaginable, including fully reinstalling iCUE and whatnot, but nothing helped. Had to return it and go with another HS60.

The HS60 has problems, but the fact that the Virtuoso just doesn't work as advertised is mind-boggling.

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