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Commander CORE not recognized in ICUE 4


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I bought an elite  capelix h115 and manage to mount it on my corsair 220t case.

All my fans are wired straight to the commander core with my pump (of course)

Everything is working just fine, I have my leds on and my fan as well.

The main issue is that I can't manage my fan speed and I don't see the commander core neither.

If i select my pump I can see all my fans but if try to update their profile (quiet, balanced or even a fixed rpm for test) nothing happens

my MB is a gigabyte aorus pro v2 B550

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Ok after a few tests I noticed that I can change the led on all the fan no issue there.

I can change the speed of my pump and the two fans going with the pump.

I can't change de speed of the 3 case bundled fans which are sp120 RGB pro.

Is there an issue with the sp fans being mixed with ml ones ? Or even if they are compatible with I cue 4?

Actually they are just running at full speed

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Part of the problem is the front 3 fans on the 220T are SP-Pro, which happen to be 3 pin DC motors.  The Commander Core is a PWM only controller.  It's constant 12v will keep those SP-Pro pinned at the maximum.  You will want to move them to the motherboard for speed control.


The good news is the lighting should be a match between the SP-Pro and the ML-Elite OEM from the Elite AIO.  In CUE, make you set it to "8 LED fan series".  Both of those fans are 8 center hub LEDs.  The "SP-RGB" choice in CUE for is for a much older 4 LED fan.  

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You will not be able to control the speed of the front 3 fans in CUE. You’ll need to rely on your MB bios options. 

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