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ICUE v4.18.209 completely uninstalled my sound drivers.

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Just installed the latest ICUE v4.18.209 and it completely removed my sound drivers for my Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd gen. Whereas previous versions only disabled sound until I rebooted, this version actually completely removed them.

After rebooting I went to Device Manager it showed the Focusrite Drivers with an exclamation mark for missing drivers, tried to automatically detect drivers but couldn't find anything. So I downloaded the drivers, re-installed them and my sound device started working after another mandatory reboot.

This is abnormal and to be honest quite ridiculous behavior from in my opinion completely unrelated software, the only Corsair Device I have connected to this PC is a keyboard, so it shouldn't at all interfere with anything sound-related regardless if there's a portion that handles Corsair Headsets.

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