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New Fan doesnt change colors SP120 RGB Elite with 570x

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Hello guys,


I am putting this PC together, but the fans dont sync color I asked corsair for a compatible exhaust fan since the case didn't have one and they pointed me to the SP120 RGB elite. The new SP120 RGB elite exhaust fan however just stays white all the time when plugged into the RGB hub supplied with the case while the others change colors in front. The fans also do not show up in the icue software, but I think that is to be expected reading on here. I am not sure if something is wrong on incompatible, any direction would be appreciated.


Thank you,




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Wrong “SP” fan. The fans on the front of the 570X are the original 4 LED SP-RGB fan that came on a push button controller. They are not compatible with any other Corsair RGB fans, including the newer SP-Pro or SP-Elite that have 8 LEDs. You’ll either want to send the SP-Elite back or replace the front 3 fans with 8 LED versions. Running a second RGB controller for just the rear fan seems prohibitive. 

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