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K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE issuing two keystrokes for certain keys


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I'm coming off a similar issue with a HARPOON RGB PRO mouse which involved the mouse double-clicking for each single click. Now I'm seeing the same type of thing with my K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE keyboard.

Sometimes--not always, but often--the keyboard issues two Delete events when the Delete key is pressed a single time. The same thing happens with the "(" key.

It's running v3.08 firmware, which is the latest, according to iCUE v4.17.244.

Is it just me? Is there any fix? I've accidentally deleted work emails this way. It's unacceptable and beyond maddening.

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I'm over it. I'm going to replace all of my Corsair hardware. This is untenable and inexcusable. The days of Corsair causing me frustration, anger, embarrassment, and wasted time are coming to a close.

I'm also going to put word in to the acquisition team in my organization to avoid Corsair products in the future.

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Hello, i too am experiencing repeating keys on single keystrokes. My keyboard is the corsair k70 rgb tkl champion series with the MX speed silver switches. I am also on my 2nd keyboard, the first having the exact same issue, and now the second… im starting to wonder if its an issue with the software, or firmware… the problem seems to be intermittent, but happens often.

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I think it is the firmware. When the HARPOON RGB PRO mouse had its double-click issue, it was caused by the firmware. After subjecting affected users to an extremely frustrating process reverting to an older firmware, Corsair then released an updated firmware that still had that serious issue. Some users found that out the hard way:

I mention that as a warning.

As I said, I think it is the firmware, but honestly, it doesn't matter to me. I really am done with Corsair. Besides issues with the mouse and keyboard, I have two Corsair headsets with serious issues (totally nonfunctional sidetone--and yes, my K70 keyboard did originally type "((" just now). I found out on these forums that those issues have existed for YEARS and no fix is in sight.

With the exception of one headset that my company paid for, I'm going to destroy all of my Corsair hardware with a 4-pound sledgehammer as soon as I obtain replacements. Yes, I'm serious. It's going to be cathartic. I'm seriously considering recording it on video and putting it on YouTube.

This nonsense is inexcusable. It is not normal for hardware to behave this way, and for the response to be so poor. To be clear, I don't blame the support reps (of course). I appreciate their help. It's the people working on the firmware, and primarily Corsair management, who have my ire.

Good luck. You'll need it.

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