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Wireless headset and cell phone

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I thought that a bluetooth headset should work with my sansung s9+ so I did a search of corsair bluetooth void rgb (my wired headset still works great but the plastic parts are starting to fall apart from age).

BestBuy returned an acceptable price for  a VOID RGB ELITE wireless headset and so I ordered it.  It arrived and turns out to use TCP/IP, not bluetooth.  I am clearly missing something here.  Can someone tell me why a web search for bluetooth Corsair returns tcp/.ip corsair headsets instead? 


Michael D. Spence

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Michael,


Please note the headsets use WiFi 2.4 Ghz signals, and not TCP/IP which is protocol for accessing the internet. I'm sorry whatever search method you're using isn't finding what you need, though.

Our headsets that are Bluetooth Capable are the HS70 Bluetooth, and the Virtuoso XT. You can find them listed among our other Wireless headphones on the Corsair.com webstore, right here:




Hope this helps.


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