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Corsair HS70 Pro - Mac Drivers M1 Chip

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Hey team,


I have had my had my HS70 pros for a few months now, and I love them, I sold my last pair and got a new set recently.

I have the issue with the audio drivers not working, the M1's have been out for a while now and we are stilling having the issues of audio not working unless you reboot. If you turn the headset off well using the computer, and turn it back on, no audio. Reboot required. If you leave your headset running, sweet, audio will continue to work. 

I want to take advantage of the different EQ levels like I did on my PC before I moved to a Mac, but can't because its a hassle.

I noticed the website still says to uninstall iCue and it will work fine, which it does, but I still don't have the control that I am after.


@corsair what is taking so long to sort this? Why can't we have a working version.


Edit: Well testing, I thought why not lets try the install of iCue and it appears to be working, but why is the help doc still showing incorrect?


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  • Corsair Employees

Hi sshadmin,


What part of the help article isn't showing up for you currently?

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