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AIO LCD gpu questions


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Hi, i just install and configured a new pc with this aio, in the options of the screen i only see about gpu, 3 temps and 2 fans.

My question is, i want to see the gpu load and dont know how to configure, and if my gpu has 3 fans, why i only see 2?


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GPU load is not an available option in CUE at this time.  The additional GPU temp sensors (VRAM, hotspot?) were just added in this 4.18 release.  


The "two GPU fans" can be one of two things.  Many 3 fan models are really 2 fan channels with the third on some type of control splitter.  If you run MSI Afterburner or whatever GPU tuning program you use and it only shows 2 fans, then you know this is the case.  However, regardless the CUE program is only set up to display two so even if you have 3 individual GPU fan controllers, it will only show the first two.  There are a couple of new Nvidia partner cards that market independent shifting fan speeds along the GPU.  Whether that is a benefit or just marketing is for someone else, but if you are actively using that feature, you likely also need to use their own control app to manage it and the data is visible there.  

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You only see 2 fans because fan1 is actually fan1 and fan3. I have a 3080 with 3 fans. the middle fan is smaller and spins in the opposite direction. It spins slower than the other 2 bigger fans. So if your GPU has 3 fans but icue only shows 2, it is because 2 of the 3 fans are on 1 controller, which is pretty normal.



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