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Lack of "Sidetone" option in Windows Speakers Properties

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I'm using the Corsair Void Pro Wireless headphones and do enjoy them for general use and gaming. However, due to their closed-back design, it makes talking on discord/calls/etc a strange endeavor for me because they mute my voice and I find it difficult to hear myself as I speak.

Sidetone is a feature that blends in a bit of your own voice through the microphone in order to let the user hear their own voice a little bit and provide more of an open-back (sometimes called open-air) experience with the headphones.

In order to enable sidetone, I need to disable "Windows Sonic for Headphones", and then the feature is accessible through iCue. This is certainly a workaround of sorts but I have other devices which allow this feature directly in the Windows Speakers Properties window (see picture below). Allowing this feature to be accessed in this manner, would also allow us to take advantage of "Windows Sonic for Headphones" at the same time. Having these features both enabled simultaneously is currently not possible.

Is there a supported way to access this setting outside of iCue? If not, is it possible to get this added to a feature request for future software or hardware updates?

Thank you!


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