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I’m building a new PC


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I am torn on what is the best configuration for my build. I got the asus tuf gaming z690 with 4x16gb sticks vengeance pros 12900k cpu h150i elite w/ lcd screen and 1000w Corsair psu. Oh and and EVGA 3080ti  ftw3 ultra gaming. I will be adding an elgato 4k capture card and have 3 nvme ssds equaling 5tbs

Idk if to do the 5000x or the 5000D either way I plan to get all the fans I can get. I game and stream on my pc. I wanted to get the ml120 elites since those are on the RAD but I can’t find them so I’m thinking the sp120 elites should suffice. I just want the best cooling. I don’t have the budget to do a liquid cooled rig but as cool as I can make it. 

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well you just answered your own question 🙂

If cooling is your main goal, then you want the 5000D airflow.

the X with its glass front panel does trade some cooling performance for looks.


If later you have budget for custom loop cooling, the 5000D is a great choice for it too, and watercooling a 3080Ti, you'll want all the airflow you can have

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