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Core Commander XT - What is that ID port?


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Can't believe I cannot find any discussion on this apart from devbiker wondering what it is.  Corsair guys, throw us a bone with some answers please?

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the quick start guide is very elusive 😛

“ID (E)” access port is for compatible CORSAIR devices.

I imagine the official answer would be "for future use", or something like that.. So far at least, no device connects to it as far as i know.

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Oh, we know what it is now! It has been revealed with the new 5000T case.

The mystery ID port is used for some cases to identify themselves to the controller. This allows for case-specific and unique lighting like we have on the 5000T but without require special firmware (like we saw for the 1000D CoPro and the Spec Omega NoPro).

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2 hours ago, Skittle4528 said:

One customer service guy i talked to said that the id port is also used for connecting the pump of the elite capellix

No, that is a very different port specific to the Commander Core.  That port does not exist on the Commander XT.  See the post directly above yours for the ID port's purpose.  

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