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issues with iCUE and my dark-core RGB


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so i've been using my dark-core RGB for a long time now. i've always had my 3 side buttons mapped to A-Z keys and i use this for gaming.

recently i've noticed these buttons don't want to register anymore. i've even changed them to the TEXT bind and that allowed me to type the letters i had bound but still didn't let me use the binds in games. i've tried it in 3 different games, destiny2, bloons td6 and generation zero. in all 3 the keybinds via my mouse side buttons didn't work while if i put it to the TEXT format i was able to type in my search bar and discord. and even the other formats don't want to work for some reason.

it's clear it's not a hardware issue as i'm still ably to type with my side buttons when in the TEXT format but that's not what i use them for.

i need a solution to this as otherwise i'm almost incapable of gaming as i use these binds for crucial functions.

underneath will be a few screenshots of my layout.







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Try running a repair install from the Windows Apps list. Click on Corsair iCUE and select modify. This often resolves this issue for mice and keyboards. 

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