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Vengeance RGB Pro: LEDs from 1/2 are not working

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Hey there.

I build up my new PC and now I got some problems with the RGB RAM.

At my first PC start both RAM were working but after i downloaded iCUE 4 to switch the colors one of the RAM went off. 

I tryed to update the Software, deinstalled and installed the 3.0 Version. I also turned off the recommended software control in the settings. 

I also switched both RAMs on the Mainboard and the same RAM which was dark before is now dark at the other Slot. So its not a problem of the Mainboard.

I also deinstalled the iCue software and tryed other Software like Mystic Light...doesnt help.


So is here someone who maybe can help me? haha

Just another tip for me or is it possible that the RAM is broken after the iCue update ?

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you could try a forced firmware update on the modules

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thanks for the quick answer jcp11.


How can I update the RAM manually? Just can try to update them through the iCue software but there it says "no Update needed"

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