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Pmw repeater not working?

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Hello, i just finished upgrading my pc for water cooling and i have had to use the pwm repeater that came with my 5000d case. I plugged the xd5 pump header into the #1 slot of my commander pro and the repeater into #2 and thats all thats plugged in. When i go into icue i can change the pump speed but it does not show #2 detected. The fans are running automatically seems like they are at 1000rpm and when i go and manually select #2 as 4 pin the fans run 100% and icue says 0rpm and i cant don't get a option to change. What is wrong?

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The Commander Pro will need to be manually set to 4 pin. There is no voltage wire on that connector for the auto detect to read. 

Try swapping the lead control fan on the repeater for a different one (dot or #1 slot). Sometimes one fan doesn’t read correctly. What fans are on the repeater?  

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