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Connecting RGB/Fans with Splitters

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Hey Guys,

New PC builder here...


I bought 6 QL 120 fans and 3 LL 120 fans. Can I use a Y splitters to connect all to one lightning core included in the package? If I did, would I still be able to control the RGB light for each one? even though they are of different models and they are connected with a Y splitter?

On the same topic, If I have 9 QL fans, can I use RGB Y splitter to connect all of them to one lightning core so I can control them all through iCUE?


Also, If i used a fan head splitters to connect all 9 fans to the commander pro, would I still be able to control all the fans?
Thanks a lot 🙂
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If you want individual RGB control then you are going to have to connect them individually.

Similarly I wouldn't want all 9 fans taking power from the Commander Pro via PWM splitters.

A SATA powered PWM hub is a cheap solution for the fan power. The fans on the hub will all run at the same speed but that is not usually a problem.

For the RGB, hopefully you bought the 6 QL fans as 2x3 pack, so you will have two Lighting Node Cores, put the QL on one and the LL on the other for RGB as you don't want to mix them on a single hub.

If you are short of USB 2.0 headers get a SATA powered USB hub like this one... https://nzxt.com/product/internal-usb-hub-gen-3


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Thanks Mark_T for clarifying. 

If I were to use the PWM hub, would I connect it to the Commander pro? or directly to the motherboard. If it's the later, would I still be able to control the fans connected to the hub via iCUE?

Would there be an issue connecting the 2 lightning nods to the commander pro 2 USB 2.0 headers for power?

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The PWM hub can connect to a fan slot on the Commander Pro and it will take its power from a SATA connector to the hub. That way the fans will be controlled from iCue and will appear as a single fan for speed purposes.

The Lighting Node Cores will take power from their own individual SATA connectors so the pass-through on the Commander Pro should be fine, but if you do have any issues with the Node Cores being recognised then move one of them to its own USB header or consider a powered USB hub.


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