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Non functioning module

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Hi all,


First, let me say thank you for a great product and a great site here.

I have been a hardware/software test engineer for 21 years and it is nice to see a site like this for help/assistance.


Now, I bought a pair PC2100 Regestered 256 Mb sticks at PCClub, at Bellevue, WA, a few years back. Since it has been so long, they told me to contact you all for RMA

One of the modules will not show up as being installed now.

I have moved it around in the configurations and tried it by itself, and the system will not boot with just it in the mobo.

My system is a MSI K7 Master-L mobo, with dual AMD MP 2000s, and air cooling.

I was running 4 256 Mb sticks, now running three.

The vid and sound is on board.

So, sounds like I need to RMA it back to Corsair, as PCClub won't RMA it for me.


Any other info you need, let me know.


Take care, and again, thanx for being here............

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Hi Ram Guy,


Thank you for the fast response.

I have just received an RMA number from CA, and boxed up the bad module.

I will be sending it this afternoon.

Thanx again to the Corsair Company for handling this so quickly and professionally.


Take care...........


No problem lee.

Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!

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Hi Ram Guy,


Just wanted to update you on the status of my RMA.

I received the new RAM replacement in a very timely manner, and have nothing but good things to say about the whole operation.

It is not often that a person can say good things about a company and it's business practices.

Two thumbs up on Corsair, their staff, and their service.


Take care, and thank you...........

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